Posted on 06-04-2013

Sean Cody is a great place to bet on your favorite Cock Fight! By this I mean gorgeous thick meat banging against other gorgeous thick meat! If you don’t believe me, just click on this juicy cock pic and take a closer look! I was lucky enough to snap a few photos of this amazing synergistic duo just before running my tongue down their amazing textured cocks! Who needs a fluffer? If you need more Cock Fights in your life Cum on in

Cock fight


Posted on 04-23-2013

I just love it when a picture sets me off! This cock 69 is the perfect way to get my dick rock hard. Stroking my dick with another dick is a sure fire way to get me to blow my load! The mouth on the other end of that cock is nice and warm, I think I’ll wait until Im just about to burst then bury it for some serious ball sack clap on the chin action. You want more? Cum on over to Stay tuned as there are some more cock-tacular images cumming soon!

Cock 69

Posted on 04-03-2013

I just wanted to share this amazing picture with you…. Just to make your dick THROB! I’m rubbing mine through my pants right now! P.S. I’m not wearing any underwear! You want to see more?

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Posted on 08-25-2010

Sean cody always appreciates a good fuck! So this week we are giving you a little treat. This one is hot so make sure your ready for it. When your ready to see more just cum on in and see

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Posted on 08-19-2010

Sean Cody is always the place to find all the top quality hardcore male action. You know you can depend on us to bring you the best looking men being penetrated, fucked and jizzed on at all hours of the day! The people of Sean Cody have a lil treat for you this month. Jaime and Esteban have a little adventure they want to share. Cum see Esteban a straight hunk let loose a little with Jaime. See more at

Sean Cody SEx

Posted on 08-05-2009

Sean Cody crew shot this film shortly before my trip to Hawaii. Thats was were Keith got fucked by Matt. I said in the write up for that film that I had kind of used Hawaii to grease the wheels a little with Keith. But, I hate flying someone half away around the world only to find out they can’t take a dick in their ass (yes, that’s happened before!). Sean Cody made special arrangements this time. I wanted Keith to get fucked here. So this film is actually where Keith loses his cherry (on film at least). Fuller was out for the weekend and had finished fucking the hell out of Kurt a few days earlier. I knew Fuller would give Keith a good work out and he did. He used every damn muscle in his body and even gave Keith a good facial! We did it again. Cum see the action at SeanCody.comSean Cody

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Posted on 07-27-2009

Sean Cody brought Glen in again for another round but this time with a twist. Glen was excited about doing a flip-flop with Kurt, but he had some reservations. Like a lot of our guys who get fucked, Glen was concerned about Kurt’s cock. Mainly, he had heard it was big. Right before the shoot, he noticed that we had placed some Magnum “XL” condoms out for Kurt. He pulled me aside as we were getting ready. “Is he really that big?” Glen asked. “Yeah,” I replied. “He’s a big boy.” “Wow,” he said with his cute southern accent. “When I was with Doug, we didn’t use those. Just the regular ones.” I reminded him that getting fucked by Kurt was only half the equation and that he was going to get to fuck Kurt as well. He smiled. “Yeah,” he said. “I haven’t done top yet. I’m excited about that.” Sean Cody loves to keep it fresh and all Glen could say after the fact was: “Done top.” I love it! If you’re ready for some hot country boy sucking and fucking than look no further. Step inside and let Make you Cum!seancody6.jpg

Sean Cody Loves to Make You Cum! Raw and Uncensored

Posted on 07-14-2009

Sean Cody did it again! Big-dicked Andrew is back! He’s even more toned and muscular than before, and he’s jumping into the deep end by getting fucked. Sean Cody knows sometimes the guys want to warm up to it, by getting a blow-job first, and then doing the fucking, but Andrew just asked to go for it! He says he’s never done it before, and insists that nothing has been up his perfect tight ass before. I’ll let you be the judge. He starts out with a look on his face like “what the hell is going on,” which quickly turns to “oh, yeah, that’s the spot…”Of course Doug was happy as usual, fucking the hell out of a hot ass! Sean Cody brings it all in this great set, be sure to check out the video, all this and more to cum at

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Posted on 07-06-2009

Sean Cody had an incredible time with Harley, Addison, Devin, and Berke on our ski retreat. After a little bit of macho posturing, the guys really bonded and since we got back they’ve actually been hanging out together on their own! That’s one of the pluses of hanging out with the guys at Sean Cody. We never have a dull moment. Cocks were raging hard and lots of sweat was dripping off the bodies of these four hot hunks. For our last day in the ski house, we decided to do one big fuckfest. I think Devin was the most excited and it’s a good thing too. Not only was he on the caboose end of a fuck train, he also had two huge cocks in his ass at once! Believe me when I tell you he enjoyed every minute of it. Devin fucked Addison’s mouth while Berke and Harley had their way with Devin’s super hot ass! Come see another Fuckfest at and you will never look anywhere for quality anal rimming and ass pounding action like the kind you will see at

Hardcore Fuckfest Action! Only at Sean Cody!

Posted on 06-28-2009

Sean Cody asked Baily if he was interested in having sex with a guy. Bailey is straight, but he loves sex and was up for the idea as long the other guy was hot. In fact, it was quite a surprise when he said that he wanted to perform with his best friend since high school, Jess. Bailey and Jess work out together and have had three ways with girls before, but had never been alone together. Bailey thought it would be a good opportunity to give it a try. I suggested that Bailey talk to Jess about it, and if Jess was up for it, bring him in so I could meet him. So, Bailey did just that and within two days he had Jess in the Sean Cody studio. All I can say is that the two of them are quite the studly duo! When we finally got the two of them together for a shoot, the sexual curiosity exploded! Bailey especially — he was like a kid in a candy store and just couldn’t wait to poke Jess’ virgin hole. I knew from Bailey’s solo video that he likes to have things up his ass. My favorite scene in this movie is where Bailey has a dildo up his ass while he’s enthusiastically fucking Jess! Watching this had my cock hard as a rock! I knew I had to steady myself or we wouldn’t have been able to capture these two gorgeous men engaging each other and having such a great time. Unzip your pants have a seat and watch for yourself at

Hardcore Male Action! Only at Sean Cody!